DaVinci studies

I’ve been reading the journal of Eugene Delacroix, and he often made tracings of other artists and masters to study how they worked. Interesting how this method of study has fallen out of favor or seen as wrong today. But it’s a great way to improve your hand! Also a nice exercise when you aren’t feeling very creative. Anyway, here’s some DaVinci shit.

Pizzuti Collection

Went out for a walk and managed to sketch the Pizzuti Collection before the rain hit. The Pizzuti Collection is a fantastic little art gallery in a repurposed/renovated historical building in the Short North. They feature exciting contemporary artists from around the world. Beyond the galleries, they also have an outdoor sculpture garden, roof terraces, and a public art & design library. The Pizzuti Collection also happens to be right in my backyard (literally), they’re great neighbors! Check out the latest exhibit if you’re in town.

04-29-2016 Pizzuti Collection


Fake Metal Bands

Recently, at the Columbus Museum of Art, there was an interactive exhibit to design your own original metal band logo using the themes and motifs common in these designs. So we did that.

Fuzzy Kitten, drawn by me

Fuzzy Kitten, drawn by me

Dark Space Walkers, drawn by Rebecca

Dark Space Walkers, drawn by Rebecca

Rent check doodles part 2

We live in The Short North in Columbus, Ohio. It’s the city’s main fancy-pants arts district, and we give our landlord a small piece of art every month on our rent check envelope. Here’s part one.

The Columbus Convention Center, design by Peter Eisenman, and sketched here by Rebecca

The Columbus Convention Center, designed by Peter Eisenman, and sketched here by Rebecca


The American Gothic Building, home to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, Rowe, and Ladybird; drawn by me

226 Buttles Ave (a building our landlord owns)

226 Buttles Ave (an apartment building our landlord owns), drawn by me

The Columbus Museum of Art, modern wing expansion by Design Group

The Columbus Museum of Art, modern wing expansion by Design Group, drawn by me

Goodale Park gazebo, drawn by Rebecca

Goodale Park gazebo & pond, drawn by Rebecca

Patti Smith sketch

I came to Patti Smith through her book Just Kids which was recommended to me by a friend. It ended up being one of my favorite books of the year. It was just my type of story; leaving a small town for the city, the bohemian lifestyle, and New York in the 60s. Oh, I’m sure it wasn’t so glamorous. It’s definitely romanticizing what had to be some tough shit at the time. But that’s what makes it so enticing.

Her life has been so interesting and exciting; meeting all those amazing people in New York in the 60s and 70s, her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe, and her devotion to her development as an artist. I’m looking forward to reading her new book M Train and learning more about this fascinating person.

03-28-2016 Patti Smith sketch lores

Andy Warhol sketch

All throughout school I was never really a big fan of Andy Warhol’s work. Only recently have I begun to really admire it. I’ve always been more interested in Andy as a person.

03-28-2016 Andy Warhol sketch lores

Eames cat sketch

Just a sketch of my sweet baby angel dumb cat. I got a new sketchbook and am trying to commit to making a drawing per day in it. I was inspired bythe output of all the amazing artists I follow on Twitter. So I did a little experimenting with a new brush pen and some colored pencils. Digging the high saturation look at the moment.

03-22-2016 Eames sketch lowres

Rent check doodles part 1

When we moved into our current apartment in the Short North, we bought a washer-dryer machine from the previous tenants of our place. It’s a 3rd floor walk up with a maze-like set of stairs, so it was easier for them to just leave it in the flat and sell it to us. They stopped by on a hot afternoon while we were moving in, dripping in sweat, to collect the payment for the washer-dryer. We got to talking about the apartment, of course, and their nostalgia for the old walls mingled with our fresh excitement for arranging our belongings in a new light-filled space. They told us they had become good friends with the landlord by drawing little pictures on the envelope when they paid rent. I really took to this idea, and I picked up the practice where they left off. Except for (I think) one month, we’ve given our landlord a tiny piece of art each month that we’ve been here. Typically I like to draw the buildings in our neighborhood- especially the ones they own. Partially because of my predilection for architecture, and partially because our landlord is basically responsible for the resurgence/establishment of our neighborhood. I like the idea of living in the arts district and generating these little bits of art each month. It’s a good ritual. Here’s part 1 of my collection of rent check doodles.

Sanborn Building

Sanborn Building

High St & Buttles Ave

High St & Buttles Ave (I drew the building on the left, Rebecca drew the right)

Paradise Garage

Paradise Garage

Columbus skyline

Columbus skyline

Hubbard School

Hubbard School

Ohio Statehouse

Ohio Statehouse

Antoniuskirche interior- Moser

Interior of the Antoniuskirche (St. Anthony’s Church) by Karl Moser in Basel, Switzerland.

The sketchercise challenge was to try making two views in the same location. One view focused on the distant background (left), and one focused on the foreground (right).